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From "Hiram Chirino" <>
Subject September STATUS Report
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2006 15:51:37 GMT
Howdy Folks, here is my first stab at septemeber status report..
please let me know if something needs to be added/changed:

The ActiveMQ community continues to grow as evidenced by the mailing
list volumes.  Each month mailing list volumes continues to grow. Last
month we had 574 emails sent to the developer list and 905 email sent
to the user list!  We have also seen a big increase in the amount of
patches and contributions submitted from non ActiveMQ committers.

A large amount of development work and community interest has been
around the Native clients used to access the Messaging broker.  Tim
Bish's excellent work on the STOMP c++ client has earned him an
invitation to become an ActiveMQ committer.  Amazon did a in house c++
client to ActiveMQ and that source code donation was accepted and
committed to the source tree.

All the source headers in the 2 active branches have be update to
comply with the new policies outline at:

The Apache ActiveMQ 4.0.1 has successfully been released. For more
information about the release, see:
Development continues on the next 4.1 release. In tandem, the 4.0
branch has continued to stabilize and a 4.0.2 release should be ready

The project has discussed graduating and feels that ActiveMQ ready and
would prefer to become a TLP.  Once the 4.0.2 release is completed
expect more serious discussions regarding graduation to pop up on the
incubator mailing lists.



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