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From "Lusk, Andrew" <>
Subject RE: Status of OpenWire C Client
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 23:45:38 GMT
Amazon's contributed C++ client has mature OpenWire support, plus an upcoming release (undergoing
internal code review) supports multi-broker transports to do auto-failovers and round-robin
distribution of messages over broker clouds.  We're placing it at the core of our internal
messaging infrastructure, so you can count on it being supported forever.

Writing C wrappers might be possible but might result in a strange API.  You might need to
create wrapper structs around several classes and hide a few things behind void pointers.


Timothy Bish wrote:
>> Here's another option that might be feasible: instead of trying to
>> fix the C code, how about building a few C wrapper functions around
>> the working C++ code? You can then mark these functions with extern
>> "C" so you can call them from you C libraries.
> I was going to suggest this as well.  Shouldn't be to hard.
>> This approach also has other benefits. If these C wrappers are
>> well-designed, one can also call them from Python through ctypes, so
>> immediately we have OpenWire available in Python.
> Activemq-cpp doesn't yet have openwire support, only Stomp, Openwire
> is still in the works.
>> Regards,
>> Albert
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>>> Sajendra,
>>> On 9/21/06, sajendra <> wrote:
>>>> Hiram,
>>>> Thank you for your quick reply and advice.  Unfortunately I
>>>> require a C client.
>>> ah. too bad..

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