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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Multi-server admin tool
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2006 18:52:33 GMT
On 8/10/06, Komandur <> wrote:
> I think this would be a great value add to Activemq.  I have given some
> thought to this
> use case, and here is a proposal:
> Phase 1:
> Provide an aggregate view of 'producing' and 'consuming' capacities (treat
> the Network of brokers as if it were a 'logical broker').  For example,
> customer points their browser to and
> views graphical representation of capacities (similar to network flow tools)
> and has the ability to drill down for more detailed info. Behind the scenes,
> customer connects to 'any' of the real brokers behind the logical broker
> (, in the example) without a
> 'monitoring single point of failure'.
> Phase 2: of this idea will enable a customer to do some operations (e.g.,
> add/delete consuming capacities) right from that screen.
> In terms of implimentation details, think of
> as an SRV entry in the DNS.

Agreed. The current activemq-web-console does this already pretty much
- its more a case of providing an aggregated view of all the brokers
rather than just one. So we can reuse much of the web app and views -
its more a case of providing a composite broker view and dealing with
broker discovery.



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