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From "Naveen Rawat" <>
Subject Re: Queue hogging by a single consumer.
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 09:15:25 GMT

Hi James, 

Thanks for the information. I liked your reasoning enough that I am now 
using CorrelationID in place of GroupID with equal ease. The issue that 
caused the rising of this mail seems solved for the moment. 


I m facing certain problems using temporary queues for transient responses. 
Initiating this issue with a new context. See you there :) 

> That sounds fine - it doesn't really matter what header you use as the 
> 'correlation token', you could make up your own header if you wish.  
> Though the reason I said to use JMSCorrelationID was that most well 
> behaving JMS services should always copy the JMSCorrelationID from any 
> incoming message and apply it to the outbound message. So using 
> JMSCorrelationID is more loosely coupled & should work with any JMS 
> service.  
> In this case on the client side (A, B, C) there is no real gain in 
> using Message Groups - which are designed to perform sticky load 
> balancing of requests - since you are already using a selector meaning 
> that there will be only 1 consumer of a message so nothing to load 
> balance. You might want to use message groups on the service side of 
> things - the Z - so that you could perform sitcky load balancing if 
> you have a pool of Z consumers. 



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