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From "Arshad Ahamad" <>
Subject Re: Regarding Multiple client in ActiveMQ for openwire-cpp API's
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 06:52:37 GMT
Hi James, Bish, 

>You need to create a Producer and Consumer in both the sender and 
>receiver that are subscribed to the same queue.  Then you should be 

>So in pseudo code you'd have this in both 

>Queue x("mytopic") 
>MessageProducer y( x ) 
>MessageConsumer z( x ) 

>It would look like this 

>for sender to receiver 

>for receiver back to send 

>Makes Sense? 

  Yes, I have create sender and receiver like the above and they are 
communecating each other bi-directionally but whenever I stop the receiver 
then sender is not getting responce from receiver, this is shows the sending 
message only. This is because we are using the single Queue for sending and 
receiving the data and we are setting the MessageListener on that queue 
thats why I am unable to maitain the persistence.
  Pls tell me the best way in which I can maintain the persistence as well 
as the single queue so that I can delever my project ASAP. 

        Thanks in advance.

 Thanks & Regards
 Arashad Ahamad

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