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From "Sepand M" <>
Subject Re: Where to put new Callback and CallbackHandler classes
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 18:39:17 GMT
Well there's already a JaasAuthenticationBroker in core, shouldn't the
JaasCertificateAuthenticationBroker (that's the full name) be in the
same package?
Also, would I still be able to use it easily (just by specifying it in
the config xml) if I move it to the jaas module?

On 8/25/06, James Strachan <> wrote:
> On 8/25/06, Sepand M <> wrote:
> > It does since the CertificateAuthenticationBroker I'm making will need
> > to use the CertificateCallbacks.
> > I have put the classes in jaas (core already has a dependancy on jaas
> > so that's not a problem). I do think the other callbacks should go in
> > jass now, but I don't want to touch your stuff since I'm not sure
> > when/if you will accept my patch.
> Since its all JAAS/security related and to avoid recursive
> dependencies, how about putting the CertificateAuthenticationBroker in
> the activemq-jaas module too? The idea behind activemq-core is that it
> has as few dependencies as possible.
> Which reminds me - it might be nice to remove the dependency on
> activeio and make that an optional module.
> --
> James
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