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From "Lusk, Andrew" <>
Subject RE: OpenWire C++ - access to JMS Message Headers
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 17:48:39 GMT
Hi YMC -

We've basically been taking a "implement things as we need them" approach, and haven't needed
the user ID yet :).  However, this would be really easy to add if you'd like to (I'm currently
consumed with testing new features of the next release out to the world, and with lawyers
and all, turnaround would be slow).  You could -

* Add a userId_ string to Message
* Add a getter and setter for userId_ (with some doxygen docs)
* Add message->setUserId(m.getUserId()) to CoreLibImpl::publish just below the setDestination
and setPersistent calls
* Add toenqueue->setUserId(m->getUserId()) to CoreLibImpl::unmarshalBuffer just below
the toenqueue->setDestination(myd) call.


YMC wrote:
> Hi Folks!
> I'm using the OpenWire C++ client submitted by Amazon to allow me to
> use JMS with my legacy C++ applications.
> I'm a newbie to all of this but have managed to get the C++ example
> programs exchanging messages over distributed activeMQ instances on
> multiple machines. All great!
> What I want to know is, am I able to access the JMS Message Headers
> from the OpenWire C++ API? Say I wanted to know the JMSUserID? It
> should more or less mimic the JMS API, I know but I'm having a bit of
> trouble getting the header values extracted from the messages I'm
> publishing. 
> Thanks in advance for any help,

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