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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Virtual Destination changes
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 15:35:21 GMT
BTW I've just updated the documentation to show how to customize the
virtual topic behaviour via XML

There is also an example of a Composite Queue where sending a message
to a queue/topic can really result in the message being forwarded to a
number of actual physical destinations.

On 7/27/06, James Strachan <> wrote:
> I've made a few changes to the virtual destinations feature...
> Firstly I wanted to have out of the box support for virtual topics;
> however I was a little worried about adding the extra overhead of
> virtual topic functionality to everyones installation of ActiveMQ,
> particularly as some users have very high performance requirements.
> So I refactored the virtual destination functionality to be a form of
> DestinationInterceptor. That way the cost is only incurred when
> sending to a destination which has a virtual destination capability
> added.
> It also means we can add per-destination interceptors easily now (I"m
> sure we could think of some other useful ones in the future).
> I wanted to make virtual topics available as a default, but not impose
> the cost of them (even though they are fairly cheap). Also I was
> having reservations of my previous suggestion of using
> ActiveMQ.Virtual.> as the prefix for consumers - as ActiveMQ.> is
> typically the internal administration namespace.
> So I'm thinking of the following out of the box (you can of course
> configure this explicitly to do whatever you need via XML or Java
> code)...
> Topics matching VirtualTopic.> get the virtual topic capability -
> other topics do not. (So zero overhead added).
> To consume from the virtual topic via a queue you subscribe to
> Consumer.$subscriberName.VirtualTopic.>
> e.g. you could publsh to topic VirtualTopic.Cheese and subscribe to
> Consumer.A.VirtualTopic.Cheese using the default to get virtual
> topics. (Or for another virtual topic consumer just subscribe to
> Consumer.B.VirtualTopic.Cheese).
> To enable virtual topics on any topic (incurring a small cost per
> send) then you could configure something like this which effectively
> matches all topics
> <broker>
>   <virtualDestinations>
>       <virtualTopic name=">"/>
>     </virtualDestinations>
> or you could create custom virtualTopic wildcards if you wish etc.
> Does this seem OK to folks?
> --
> James
> -------



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