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From "Rodriguez, Adrian" <>
Subject RE: Server 2003 Support
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 17:32:49 GMT
>ActiveMQ is not officially certified on any platform, though 
>we (ActiveMQ developers, or at least me) will certainly try to 
>help you out on pretty much any platform we can.
>The best thing to do is to download the source distribution 
>and run the test suite. It is pretty comprehensive. If any of 
>the tests fail, or things go haywire, then please let us know 
>and we'll definitely fix it.
>* Install Maven 2 ( )
>* Download the source distribution for the version you want to 
>use (I suggest the most recent, 4.0.1 at this time) and unpack it.
>* Run "mvn test" in the source directory just unpacked.
>* Watch test results scroll by for a while (it is a pretty 
>extensive suite, it can take some time).
>* If anything fails, let us know!
Thanx Alot!  I'll run through this and post the results to the list =)

<adrian />

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