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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Kaha store
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 12:10:48 GMT

Something we need to address for the  Kaha persistent store is  
pluggable strategies for the indexing of data for both the List and  
Map container types.
Currently, an  IndexItem is a fixed size, but can be iterated as a bi- 
directional linked list. The IndexItem holds offsets to the the data  
value and optional data key which is held in rolling data logs. Data  
values/keys are variable in length.
When a Container is loaded, the IndexItem is loaded in to an in- 
memory structure - so for a Map Container a Map will hold the key -  
the value being the IndexItem - so that getting a data value involves  
looking up the IndexItem - then retrieving the data value associated  
with the IndexItem from disk.

This works reasonably well and is fine medium size collections of  
messages (~20-30million with the default heap size for a message  
broker).  But to ensure the Kaha Store can handle indexing larger  
number of messages with a relatively small memory footprint - we are  
obviously going to need something a little more sophisticated.

Apart from a B-Tree - something that I've though about is using  
different types of caching - as the activemq message store really  
uses FIFO queues, a FIFO cache strategy would seem like a good  
strategy? thoughts ?



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