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From "Bish, Tim" <>
Subject RE: AMQ production status
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 13:27:16 GMT
Comments inline:

> >Just out of curiosity, which Stomp C++ client did you try?  The
reason I
> >ask is that we just submitted a replacement for the CMS client in
> >activemq-cpp. This API does appear to have support for persistence,
> >although I'm not sure that we have a unit test that verifies it yet.
> We are using the main.cpp file that comes in /test along with the
> C++
> APIs from svn :
> We have
> segregated the main.cpp into a sender and a receiver.
> 1) From where can I get the fresh CMS replacement as told by you. Can
> provide the specific location?

The CMS replacement is called activemq-cpp and its located here:

It is still under active development by Nathan and me.

> >I would try activemq-cpp, if you haven't already - it's leaps and
> >above the old CMS code!
> 2) I am using ActiveMQ 4.0.x java version. Is activemq-cpp a C++ MQ
> server?
> If, then what's its capacity against Java, .Net clients.

Activemq-cpp is a c++ implementation of the JMS Client API, currently it
only speaks the stomp protocol, but in time it should also gain the
ability to use the openwire protocol as well.  You still need to run an
AMQ broker just as you did before.

The tests in the test-integration folder show example usage, which is
now very much like using the Java based JMS client API.

Timothy A. Bish
Sensis Corporation

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