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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: New c++ library
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 16:16:37 GMT
On 6/30/06, Mittler, Nathan <> wrote:
> All,
> Tim Bish and I are just about ready with the new C++ library.  It
> currently will only serve as a replacement for CMS (stomp C++ client),
> but it's architecture supports pluggable connectors, so merging in the
> openwire-cpp client code should be fairly easy.
> Some of the features include:
> 1) stomp protocol (requies AMQ 4.0.1 or later for the added
> request/response ids)
> 2) JMS 1.1-like API - consumers, producers, etc. - closely follows what
> was done in the .NET client.
> 3) support for topics and queues (so far as they are supported by
> stomp).
> 4) Connector architecture - facilitates having swappable protocols (can
> use openwire or stomp without changing code)
> 5) meta-url syntax similar to the other libraries to support passing in
> options on the url string.
> 6) complete suite of cpp-unit tests
> 7) integration-level tests (requires a broker)
> 8) Maven 2 build (uses Mojo native plugin)


> I'd like to call this library "activemq-cpp", as it will support all the
> JMS-like transports.  Of course, we'll want to merge in the openwire-cpp
> code base into it early on to consolidate the two projects.
> My idea was to post the code at (hopefully
> this weekend) and let everyone take a look.  I'm open to other ideas.

By all means import it into activemq-cpp if you like; trunk is a
development branch (the branch-4.0 is for production releases).

If you're a bit unsure by all means check it into the sandbox
directory first and we can all noodle it there first.


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