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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: LDAP Authorization
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 14:01:33 GMT
On 6/29/06, ngcutura <> wrote:
> Thank you for reply.
> There is no <bean class="com.acme..." ... > in security example but this is
> quite important.

Thats just a way to instantiate some JavaBean using regular Spring style syntax.

> Is there some default class like DefaultAuthorizationMap?

Yes -  by all means derive from that if you want.

> What would this declaration be exactly for the security example you referred
> to?
> I think I can manage AuthorizationEntry by subclassing it or adding another
> parse() method.

You could ignore the DefaultAuthorizationMap/AuthorizationEntry
entirely and just walk JNDI/LDAP and create a set of GroupPrincipal
POJOs for each group for a given role & destination). It might be
simpler than trying to understand how the DefaultAuthorizationMap.

Note that DefaultAuthorizationMap is essentially an in-memory cache of
the results; you probably want to look at JNDI/LDAP at runtime to
ensure up to date values.

> I'll be on vacation next week but I'll continue with the work after the WC
> finals. ;-)

Great! :)

(Here's hoping England actually start playing football soon...  :-)



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