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From "Hiram Chirino" <>
Subject ActiveMQ 4.x Roadmap
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 05:22:06 GMT
Howdy Folks,

I spent most of the night slogging through the open issues with an
unassigned fix date.  And assigned most of them a date so that our
road map would have something on it:

The tasks that looked simple to implement were assigned to 4.1, the
ones that were harder i put in 4.2 and the ones that were nebulous I
assigned to 4.3.

Please bring up any issues that you want to move around.  Since we
mainly like to do time box releases around here and are a contributor
driven project, what's on the road map does not really mean much! lol!
 If you implement a 4.3 issue before we do a 4.1 release, more power
to ya.  It will ship in 4.1.  Same thing goes for 4.1 issues.  If no
one is interested in implementing/fixing a 4.1 issues it will just
slip to 4.2.

But since most of the issues in 4.1 are actually simple to
implement/fix, I hope folks step up to the plate and help clear it for
the 4.1 release.



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