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From Brian McCallister <>
Subject Release Plan Discussion
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 16:08:32 GMT
Hi folks, wanted to have a quick discussion about release plans and  
making releases go more smoothly based on how 4.0 has gone so far =)

Proposed release process:

1) Someone decides we need a release. They cut a release candidate,  
using the planned version number, and post it to their home directory  
somewhere (presumably on Sign everything, make  
all the artifacts look like they are a release, etc.

2) Call for a vote on the release, pointing people to the release  
candidate. While in incubation this will be a two-phased vote, first  
on the -dev list (binding votes by ppmc members), second on the  
incubator list (bcc the incubator pmc list to let them know about the  
vote) where binding votes are by incubator pmc members.

3) If vote passes, push over the same release artifacts as we voted  
on, to the distribution system and update the site to reflect the new  
release. Tell folks on -dev.

4) When it has been picked up by mirrors make other appropriate  
announcements (announce@apache, -users, general@, etc).



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