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From Mats Forslöf <>
Subject The future of the ActiveMQ C++ clients
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 13:44:53 GMT
Hi all,

The openwire-cpp client is complete with one exception - the SSL part. The reason for this
is that we would like it to support two-way SSL and before we starts to implement a two-way
SSL socket we need to hear what you think about this regarding to the ActiveMQ server. Are
there any problems with the current design to implement this and is it feasible for ActiveMQ
to support it in the next release (4.1)? Also, should all clients (C, C++, .NET, Java) support

How do we progress with the AMQ C++ clients. Do we have a roadmap or any plans regarding the
AMQ C++ clients? How do you think we should progress with the clients and into what? Should
we merge the existing projects (OpenWire, STOMP, ...) or should they coexist? It is probably
a bit confusing for the end users at the moment with several clients. I would like us to have
a discussion on all this and more. Please, feel free to share your thoughts on the issues

Mats Forslöf

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