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From "Mathias Herberts" <>
Subject Network of brokers and starvation problem
Date Mon, 22 May 2006 08:34:43 GMT

I have set up a network of two brokers (which connect bidirectionnaly
to each other after discovering themselves via multicast).

Broker A talks to broker B and B talks to A.

Consumer C1 is connected to B, subscribing to a queue Q.
Producer P1 connects to A and posts a message M to a queue Q.
C1 receives M, then dies without committing/acking M.
Consumer C2 connects to B and subscribes to Q.
C2 will NEVER receive M thus leading to a starvation situation.

Shouldn't the connection of a consumer to a broker part of a network
of brokers trigger an event sent to all brokers part of the network
and forcing brokers with messages for a given destination and no
consumer for that destination to forward the messages back to a broker
with consumers?

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