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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject heads up: activemq-web refactor.
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2006 09:05:57 GMT

Just a heads up that I'd like to check in a refactor of the activemq-web 

Firstly, I've split it into activemq-web (a jar) and activemq-web-demo (a war).

I've made the jar dependent on the jetty-util.jar which is the portable 
version of continuations and should work in other containers (as just waits
rather than as threadless).

I've cleaned up the m2 build a bit and removed redundant dependencies 
and brought the versions in line with maven1 (although there are
still some funnies with transitive deps ?)

I've added the jetty m2 plugin as a way to run the demo webapp

I've added an AjaxServlet which extends MessageListenerServlet.
It has the amq.js, prototype.js and behaviour.js scripts as resources
in the jar and can server them itself.   So a webapp just needs 
to have the Jar and map the AjaxServlet and the client can
talk JMS - no extra js static content required.

I'll check this in later today if nobody yells STOP!


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