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From Aleksi Kallio <>
Subject About the implementation of temporary topics
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2006 10:18:20 GMT

I went through the ActiveMQ 4.0 RC2 code, checking how temporary topics 
are implemented. They seem to be regular topics, with generated 
pseudo-random topic names. Names are created by concatenating the 
connection identifier and a counter number. Is this correct?

Is there a possibility of name-clashes between two clients? Or does the 
connection identifier take care of this?

How hard it is to wiretap a temporary topic? If I understood correctly, 
broker does not dispatch messages to clients not listening to given 
topic. So wiretapping requires knowing/guessing temp topic names, correct?

I'm a bit worried on this because incremental counter is used to 
generate topic names. Guessing the name of a temp topic created by 
another client is quite easy. Why a cryptographically strong pseudo 
random number is not used instead? In Java they can be obtained very 
easily by using java.util.UUID.

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