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From "Hiram Chirino" <>
Subject Re: Regarding feedback on OpenWire C++ client
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2006 16:18:03 GMT
On 3/28/06, Mats Forslöf <> wrote:
> Hi Hiram,
> Even so it might be better to be a bit overzealous to prevent namespace clashes :)

I would like to make this c++ lib, feel very c++ like, I don't want it
to smell like it came from a Java shop.  So I think it's better to
have short names like most of the other libs out there.

> If ASF does not have any rules about this we'll change it - no problem. However, if we're
to sync the names between C# and C++ the C# name spaces should be altered also!?
> C#
> namespace cms
> namespace activemq.command
> namespace activemq.core
> namespace

No.. becaue the C# one alos works for VB.NET and J# etc. etc. that's
why the interface are in the .NET Message Service (NMS) namespace. 
Also .Net uses Camel case convention in it's namespaces.  So we will
do it like that.  Once again the aim is to have a .NET library the
feels very native.

> C++
> namespace cms
> namespace activemq::command
> namespace activemq::io
> namespace activemq::marshal
> namespace activemq::protocol
> namespace activemq::transport
> namespace activemq::util

This looks good to me!

> Regards,
> Mats


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