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From James Strachan <>
Subject [IDE malarkey] dealing with log4j in your IDE versus Maven
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 11:47:18 GMT
This might be completely obvious to everyone - but I just thought I'd  
explain what I've just started doing with my IDE and I wished I'd  
done this a long long time ago...

So ActiveMQ uses on the classpath (usually in  
$module/src/test/resources/). By default the logging level is INFO  
and it goes to a log file so that when you run the maven build it  
doesn't fill the screen with lots of garbage. (Incidentally some  
tests are timing sensitive, so setting logging level to DEBUG will  
often cause some tests to fail as debug logging slows things down so  

However when running stuff in your IDE - e.g. working on a specific  
test case or program, you often want output to the console so you see  
it nicely in your IDE. Often you want debug too.

So for the longest time I've been hacking, say, the activemq-core/src/ 
test/resources/ file for IDE use to enable stdout /  
DEBUG; then having to remember to switch it back when doing  
subversion commits etc.

I'm sure somewhere there's a great log4j plugin to eclipse that  
actually works well (I've tried a few plugins for IDEs over the years  
and never managed to get them to work well); but as a quick hack I  
created a new project called IDE which just contains stuff to put on  
the classpath when running stuff in your IDE; so added a for IDE use. Then I added this as the first  
dependency in the ActiveMQ project and voila - no more hack-revert of  
the in the maven build; I can keep the 2 separate.

Totally trivial and obvious - and I'm sure some ecilpse plugin  
somewhere solves this better - but its well worth doing something  
like this if you hack on the ActiveMQ code a fair bit.


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