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From John Sisson <>
Subject [discuss] Improvements in release info for next RC
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2006 23:52:08 GMT
Trying to put myself in the shoes of a user who is not heavily involved in the project..

IMHO, in RC2 we should aim to improve the information included with the release so users can
quickly get up and running.

Also we should try to provide similar information that other ASF projects provide in their

Such as:

* Migration notes (e.g. change of package names for users who currently are using the codehaus
version, anything else that they must know to migrate to this release from older releases)

* Notes in the README.txt file pointing users to where they can see the release notes (preferably
included in a RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-RC2 file (like what Geronimo has in the 1.0 release)

* Have sections in the release notes covering the following topics (See Geronimo 1.0's for
an example)
    - Overall Project Status ( a lot of users will not know what the incubation stuff in the
STATUS file is all about)
    - Certification Status (is this a relevant topic? Is there a test suite from Sun we use
other than the J2EE TCK in Geronimo?)
    - Significant changes since the previous release (a summary of main new features/improvements
    - Significant Missing Features
    - Known issues
    - Security warnings (is there anything the user needs to be aware in relation to security
- do they need to tighten it up) 
    - Warnings about non-production libraries included in ActiveMQ (e.g. a beta version of
    - Specific Issues, Features and Improvements fixed in Version 4.0-RC2 (an extract from
JIRA's release notes)




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