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From "David Fahlander" <>
Subject RE: New AMQ C++ client update
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 09:20:32 GMT
We also saw some issues on gcc 4.

I will shortly post a patched version to Jira where everything compiles without warnings on
Visual Studio 2005, GCC 3.4.3 as well as GCC 4.0.2.


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From: Nathan Mittler [] 
Sent: den 23 mars 2006 23:47
Subject: Re: New AMQ C++ client update

Mats - great stuff! ... I've downloaded your code and had to make a few
adjustments for compiling on gcc 4.x (but not many).  I wanted to upload the
changes to your JIRA issue, but the server seems to be down right now.  I'll
send you an e-mail directly with the code and a general outline of what I
had to change to compile ... stay tuned.


On 3/23/06, Mats Forslöf <> wrote:
> Hi,
> The new update should make the C++ client on par with the C# client. The
> client is now APR free which makes it totally independent of 3rd party libs
> and it compiles on both Windows and Linux (make files and updated groovy
> scripts included). Also, we have made a slight architectural re-design that
> differs from the C# client on the marshalling part - because of this there
> is no need for all the marshallers/registry. If any OpenWire guru could look
> through the marshalling part, to make sure we don't have made any obvious
> mistake, it would be appreciated.
> We will start testing/debugging shortly, however there are still some
> things that need some more work or are missing;
> - Support for UTF-8
> - Exception handling
> - SocketFactory/SSL Socket
> - ActiveMQStream/ObjectMessage
> - Code comments
> The update is uploaded to a Jira issue,
> Regards,
> Mats

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