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From Rob Davies <>
Subject RE: help needed regarding to package
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 12:55:50 GMT
Hi Fan Li,

it's great to get some feedback on this!
I'm sure we can fix your issues pretty quickly. Would you mind  
raising a jira issue on this ? That way I won't forget about



First of all, my apologies for spamming your e-mail account, but I am  
looking for help from any ActiveMQ developer who can help me answer a  
couple of questions.

I am currently working on a Project that would help our company to  
switch our existing messaging applications to used ActiveMQ instead  
of our own messaging system that is based on Rendezvous. My project  
has to do with creating a bridge that enables the communication of  
applications written using our messaging system to those applications  
written using ActiveMQ.  After looking at ActiveMQ source code, I  
discovered a package, in the activemq-core/ 
src/main/java directory, and it seems to provide the bridge  
functionalities I am looking for. However, when I was trying to test  
out the code in this package I run into a problem.

The init() method in JmsTopicConnector class calls the methods  
initializeForeignTopicConnection() and
initializeLocalTopicConnection() to set the appropriate  
ConnectionFactory and Connection by look them up from the  
JndiTemplate object of the class. The JndiTemplate object does object  
lookup using a Context object that is created by the implementation  
of InitialContextFactroy associated with "  
java.naming.factory.initial". This is a problem because different JMS  
implementations have different InitialContextFactory classes,  
therefore it is not possible for one implementation of  
InitialContextFactory to create Context object that is capable of  
looking up objects implemented by two different JMS providers. Unless  
the association between " java.naming.factory.initial" and the  
InitialContextFactory can be changed between the invocation of  
initializeForeignTopicConnection() and
initializeLocalTopicConnection(), which would require code change in  
the JmsTopicConnector class. Does anyone know a way to work around  
this problem?

Also, I need a bit of clarification on the description for the  
JmsMesageConvertor interface. The Java doc for the convert method of  
this interface says that the method is used to "Convert a foreign JMS  
Message to a native ActiveMQ Message", but should it also be used to  
perform the reverse conversion, which is to convert from a native  
ActiveMQ Message to a foreign JMS Message or is there a different  
interface that takes care of it?

Thank you

Fan Li

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