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From Adrian Co <>
Subject Test cases for multiple brokers
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2006 09:51:15 GMT
Good day to all.

I've added some test cases for broker networks. Currently, I've 
encountered the following problems:

1. Hang-up when running two successive tests - The problem seems to be a 
connection leak when using a network connector. When a network connector 
creates a bridge using a vm transport, it does not close the transport. 
Hence, succeeding tests using the same name is unable to run correctly. 
Suggested fix would be to store any local network transport created and 
close it on stop. Thoughts?

2. Too many messages when using tcp bridges - test cases that use topic 
and tcp bridges receive too many messages.

3. Too many messages when more than one consumer is connected to a 
broker using topic - when more than one consumer is registered to a 
broker, each consumer receives too many messages

4. Hang-up when running more than 3 brokers using tcp bridges - hang-up 
seems to occur during message sending. I have no idea why. Maybe 
something wrong with the test setup? :-(

That is all for now. I'll try to debug some of this, but any help would 
definitely be appreciated. :-)

Adrian Co

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