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From Mats Forslöf <>
Subject RE: ActiveMQ C++
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 12:44:40 GMT
Hi Ning,

I started to write a prototype for a C++ client using the STOMP protocol and have recently
switched to OpenWire (after some communication issues was resolved by Hiram). Since the documentation
currently is a bit scarce for OpenWire I have been trying to figure out how things work so
there is not much useable code to contribute right now, sorry. Also, we need to decide on
what design to use, I have looked at the C# client and it seems as a good start.


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From: Ning Li [] 
Sent: den 11 januari 2006 23:08
To: Mats Forslöf
Subject: RE: ActiveMQ C++

Hi, Mats:

I am going to write a C++ AMQ client as well, is it possible that you can contribute your
the code now?



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From: Mats Forslöf []
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 1:09 AM
Subject: ActiveMQ C++


I saw Nathan Millers post in this list regarding a C++ API for ActiveMQ. I have been working
on the same but have had problems with the OpenWire protocol. I have tried to make it run
on both Linux and Win32 but with the same problem, it can't connect. I have asked (in the
users mailing list) what may cause this problem but have not received any replies yet. I have
since then written a complete C++ client using STOMP instead that I eventually would like
to contribute. The client supports STOMP 1.0 and both synchronous and asynchronous delivery
of messages. I have found two bugs in STOMP 1.0 and AMQ 3.2 (see Jira issue AMQ-444 and AMQ-445).

Can anyone of the OpenWire authors please give some guidence so I can add support for it in
the C++ client.


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