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From Bill Dudney <>
Subject generated source added to repo?
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 15:17:16 GMT
Hi All,

While trying to get the latest updates to build with maven 2 I was  
getting compile errors complaining about duplicate class errors.

I believe that problem lies first in a bug in the configuration of  
the javacc plugin (in activemq-core/pom.xml) and second that the  
generated files have been added to SVN.

After a clean checkout and mvn package from the activemq-core  
directory the following two files are modified;

M      src/main/java/org/activemq/selector/
M      src/main/java/org/activemq/selector/

The javacc plugin is being told to write the source code into the src/ 
main directory instead of somewhere in 'target'. The other 4 files  
are not regenerated (javacc is logging that they already exist, not  
sure why it regenerates these two every time).

If the entire src/main/java/org/activemq/selector directory is  
deleted and the <outputDirectory> element is commented out from the  
pom then the parser is still generated but in the target directory.

I'd be glad to generate another patch for the m2 build stuff but I  
want to proceed with how you all want it to look. Here are a couple  
of possible solutions

1) exclude the src/main/java/org/activemq/selector directory from svn  
with svn:ignore and continue to generate code into that directory  
(not the maven way but it works)
2) patch the pom and remove the outputDirectory element, have the src  
generated into the target directory (more the maven way) - if we do  
this the selector directory should be deleted from svn because it  
causes duplicate class compile errors.

There is also a small problem with the <sourceDirectory> element. It  
works fine when the build is run from the activemq-core directory but  
does not work from the top level build (i.e. in the activemq  
directory). To fix that we need to add ${basedir} to the element like


An alternative to making this change is to move the grammar directory  
to javacc (i.e. src/main/grammar => src/main/javacc) and delete the  
sourceDirectory element. This move would fall more in line with the  
maven 2 way but would require changes to the maven 1 build bits.  
Don't you love having choices :-)


Bill Dudney
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