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From Bill Dudney <>
Subject Re: generated source added to repo?
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 16:35:40 GMT
Hey Hiram,

>> M      src/main/java/org/activemq/selector/ 
>> M      src/main/java/org/activemq/selector/
> Seems that the javacc version used in m1 and m2 are different and  
> they generate different parsers.  Once we check in the changed  
> source files, svn should not mark these as being changed anymore.

makes sense - you should be able to run mvn install and get this  
change and can then check it in, or I'd be happy to post a patch.

>> 1) exclude the src/main/java/org/activemq/selector directory from  
>> svn with svn:ignore and continue to generate code into that  
>> directory (not the maven way but it works)
>> 2) patch the pom and remove the outputDirectory element, have the  
>> src generated into the target directory (more the maven way) - if  
>> we do this the selector directory should be deleted from svn  
>> because it causes duplicate class compile errors.
>> There is also a small problem with the <sourceDirectory> element.  
>> It works fine when the build is run from the activemq-core  
>> directory but does not work from the top level build (i.e. in the  
>> activemq directory). To fix that we need to add ${basedir} to the  
>> element like
>>               <sourceDirectory>${basedir}/src/main/grammar</ 
>> sourceDirectory>
> I think this is the easy and simple way to do it for now.  Once  
> totally move off m1, re can revisit this.

cool, do you want a patch for that?


Bill Dudney
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