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Subject svn commit: r1230550 - /activemq/activemq-apollo/trunk/apollo-website/src/documentation/
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 14:10:10 GMT
Author: chirino
Date: Thu Jan 12 14:10:10 2012
New Revision: 1230550

Adjust the messaging of why you should switch to the BDB message store.


Modified: activemq/activemq-apollo/trunk/apollo-website/src/documentation/
--- activemq/activemq-apollo/trunk/apollo-website/src/documentation/ (original)
+++ activemq/activemq-apollo/trunk/apollo-website/src/documentation/ Thu
Jan 12 14:10:10 2012
@@ -90,15 +90,16 @@ The default login id and password is `ad
 ### Switching to the BDB Store
-Apollo's fastest message store implementation is the BDB based message store.  
-Unfortunately, BDB cannot be redistributed by Apache.  It is highly recommended
-that you add it to your apollo installation. You can download it from Oracle at
-[je-4.1.10.jar]( and
-then copy it into the `${APOLLO_HOME}/lib` directory.
+If your on Windows, it is highly recommended that you switch the the BDB based message
+store due to the LevelDB store implementation on Windows still being buggy.
+Unfortunately, BDB cannot be redistributed by Apache so you must first download the 
+bdb jar directly from Oracle at 
+and then copy it into the `${APOLLO_HOME}/lib` directory.
 For those of you with curl installed, you can just run:
-    curl > ${APOLLO_HOME}/lib/je-4.1.10.jar
+    curl > %APOLLO_HOME%\lib\je-4.1.10.jar
 Once installed, you then need to update the configuration by editing the `etc/apollo.xml`
file and
-replace `jdbm2_store` with `bdb_store`.
+replace `leveldb_store` with `bdb_store`.

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