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Subject svn commit: r785714 - /activemq/sandbox/activemq-flow/webgen/src/
Date Wed, 17 Jun 2009 16:44:38 GMT
Author: chirino
Date: Wed Jun 17 16:44:38 2009
New Revision: 785714

Adding some more todos


Modified: activemq/sandbox/activemq-flow/webgen/src/
--- activemq/sandbox/activemq-flow/webgen/src/ (original)
+++ activemq/sandbox/activemq-flow/webgen/src/ Wed Jun 17 16:44:38 2009
@@ -41,11 +41,29 @@
 * Common interfaces for Connection/Session/*Consumer for the broker to interact with?
 * Threading model ... We should probably come up with a good abstract base class for the
protocol handlers that helps to provide a threading model that will make synchronization between
I/O events (exceptions etc), protocol events and message dispatch). 
-h2. Replication:
+h2. Standalone Broker Server
-* This should be handled by KahaDB replication
-* Still need to think about replication of non persistent messages, though ...e.g. messages
that are never saved to disk but only replicated to peers.
-* Recovery time. Keep state fairly hot to achieve fast failover time, we'll want to keep
optimizations in this area in mind (basically messages that are in memory on the active broker
are kept in memory on the standby as well).
+The standalone broker would be probably best implemented as a set of OSGi services running
in the Apache Karaf server.  Karaf is basically a small OSGi based micro server.
+* Implement Karaf 'features' bundles for the ActiveMQ sevices
+* Setup a customized binary distro of Karaf with the ActiveMQ features.  Ideally the Karaf
distro is customized so that it displays ActiveMQ branding.
+h2. JMX / Management Integration
+In 5.x all the JMX bits are tightly coupled to the broker core implementation which made
it hard to extend or provide alternative management interfaces to the broker.   What would
be ideal is if the broker core did not depend on any management modules.  This would require
all interesting broker resources to be easy to navigate to and be externally watched by the
management modules.  Some more research would be needed in this area.
+h2. IoC / Container Integration
+h3. Spring Integration
+Need to make sure it easy to:
+* configure and embedded broker in Spring xml files
+* create connection factories (including the XA and pooled variants) in spring xml 
+We should put all the spring bits in the activemq-spring module to avoid tightly coupling
the broker with Spring like was the case with the 5.x version of the broker.
+h3. J2EE Resource Adapter
+The 5.x Resource Adapter will need to get ported to support integrating with J2EE servers
like Geronimio.
 h2. General Interface cleanliness
@@ -55,10 +73,15 @@
 As much of the work to date has been largely experimental in nature, testing up to now has
focussed mainly on end to end type performance tests, but more unit testing and functional
testing of edge cases such as slow subscriber test etc are needed. 
-h1. Misc Tasks
+Almost all the 5.x tests have been copied over into the activemq-all module under a legacy
package.  The build is configured not to run any of the legacy tests. We need to try to port
legacy tests to the 6.x APIs and try to make them pass then move them out of the legacy package
once they are passing so that they are run by the maven build.
+h2. Misc Tasks
 * InactivityMonitor needs to get inserted for OpenWire on the server side of MultiWireFormat
 * BIO SSL Transport does not currently pass Client Certificate chain in OpenWire ConnectionInfo
command. This used to be done by the SSL transport but this shouldn't have OpenWire dependencies;
instead protocol handler should be able to retrieve it from the underlying transport as needed.

+h2. General Cleanup / Abstraction Leaks / Smelly Stuff
+* TransportFactory Spaghetti Inheritance: It's way too complicated for folks implementing
a TransportFactory to know which methods to override and to get it right.  Might be better
to avoid the base class and just provide static utility methods.
+* Factories that take a URI should probably be changed to just take a String.  More generic,
and easier to use from a end user perspective.  If a factory does require a String to be URI
formated, it can under the covers still parse the string with a URI class.

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