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Subject svn commit: r439425 - /incubator/activemq/site/weblogic-integration.html
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2006 19:11:30 GMT
Author: chirino
Date: Fri Sep  1 12:11:30 2006
New Revision: 439425

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Modified: incubator/activemq/site/weblogic-integration.html
--- incubator/activemq/site/weblogic-integration.html (original)
+++ incubator/activemq/site/weblogic-integration.html Fri Sep  1 12:11:30 2006
@@ -392,6 +392,12 @@
 <P>You may choose to use authentication only, in which case any user with a valid WebLogic
login can access ActiveMQ, and no custom code is necessary.  You may also add authorization
to that using some custom code, to apply specific security constraints to specific users or
destinations.  For purposes of this example, we have only implemented an authorization approach
that allows any member of a single specific WebLogic group to access all resources in ActiveMQ.
 Between the authorization plugin provided here and the default one provided with ActiveMQ,
you should have the foundation to enhance this if more feature-rich authorization is required.</P>
+<H4><A name="WebLogicIntegration-PersistenceOptions"></A>Persistence Options</H4>
+<P>ActiveMQ uses a combination of a local journal (files on the file system) and a
backing database by default.  In the standard configuration, an embedded Derby database is
used.  This runs fine in WebLogic, but it&apos;s also possible to have ActiveMQ use a
database connection pool defined in WebLogic, rather than using a separate Derby database.
 The configuration files shown later have commented-out sections referring to a WebLogic database
connection pool &ndash; if you want to use those, you&apos;ll just need to set the
correct JNDI name that was used for the database connection pool.</P>
+<P>Note that ActiveMQ will create the tables it needs the first time it connects to
a database, so no particular preparation is required for the database.</P>
 <H4><A name="WebLogicIntegration-ActiveMQIntegrationArchitecture"></A>ActiveMQ
Integration Architecture</H4>
 <P>The ActiveMQ-in-WebLogic combination looks like this:</P>
@@ -928,7 +934,7 @@
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