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Subject svn commit: r432520 - in /incubator/activemq/site: features.html masterslave.html
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 08:40:38 GMT
Author: chirino
Date: Fri Aug 18 01:40:38 2006
New Revision: 432520

Latest export from confluence


Modified: incubator/activemq/site/features.html
--- incubator/activemq/site/features.html (original)
+++ incubator/activemq/site/features.html Fri Aug 18 01:40:38 2006
@@ -287,7 +287,10 @@
               <a href="javascript:hideChildren()">Hide Children</a></span>
           <div class="greybox" id="children" style="display: none;">
-                                      <a href=""
title="Kaha Persistence">Kaha Persistence</a>
+                                      <a href=""
+              <span class="smalltext">(ActiveMQ)</span>
+              <br>
+                          <a href=""
title="Kaha Persistence">Kaha Persistence</a>
               <span class="smalltext">(ActiveMQ)</span>
                           <a href=""
title="JMS Streams">JMS Streams</a>
@@ -345,9 +348,6 @@
               <span class="smalltext">(ActiveMQ)</span>
                           <a href=""
-              <span class="smalltext">(ActiveMQ)</span>
-              <br>
-                          <a href=""
               <span class="smalltext">(ActiveMQ)</span>
                           <a href=""

Modified: incubator/activemq/site/masterslave.html
--- incubator/activemq/site/masterslave.html (original)
+++ incubator/activemq/site/masterslave.html Fri Aug 18 01:40:38 2006
@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@
 	<LI><A href="ajax.html" title="Ajax">Ajax</A></LI>
 	<LI><A href="axis-support.html" title="Axis Support">Axis Support</A></LI>
 	<LI><A href="c-integration.html" title="C Integration">C Integration</A></LI>
-	<LI><A href="activemq-cpp-client.html" title="ActiveMQ CPP Client">C+&#43;
+	<LI><A href="activemq-c-clients.html" title="ActiveMQ C++ Clients">C+&#43;
 	<LI><A href="nms.html" title="NMS">C# and .Net Integration</A></LI>
 	<LI><A href="cms.html" title="CMS">CMS</A></LI>
 	<LI><A href="geronimo.html" title="Geronimo">Geronimo</A></LI>
@@ -343,7 +343,7 @@
 <H3><A name="MasterSlave-ConfiguringMasterSlave"></A>Configuring MasterSlave</H3>
 <P>A master broker doesn&apos;t need any special configuration - it&apos;s
a normal broker until a slave broker attaches itself.<BR>
-To identify a broker as a slave - there is just one property to set (see below) and an option
- so configuration is nice and easy:</P>
+To identify a broker as a slave - there is just one property to set (see below) as this <SPAN
class="nobr"><A href=""
title="Visit page outside Confluence" rel="nofollow">example shows<SUP><IMG class="rendericon"
src="" height="0" width="0" align="absmiddle"
alt="" border="0"></SUP></A></SPAN> - so configuration is nice and easy:</P>
 <DIV class="code"><DIV class="codeContent">
 <PRE class="code-xml"><SPAN class="code-tag">&lt;broker masterConnectorURI=<SPAN
class="code-quote">&quot;tcp://masterhost:62001&quot;</SPAN> shutdownOnMasterFailure=<SPAN
@@ -367,17 +367,28 @@
 <TD class="confluenceTd"> false </TD>
 <TD class="confluenceTd"> if true, the slave will shut down if the master fails otherwise
the slave will take over as being the new master. The slave ensures that there is a separate
copy of each message and acknowledgement on another machine which can protect against catastrophic
hardware failure. If the master fails you might want the slave to shut down as well as you
may always want to duplicate messages to 2 physical locations to prevent message loss on catastrophic
data centre or hardware failure. If you would rather the system keep on running after a master
failure then leave this flag as false. </TD>
-<TD class="confluenceTd">userName</TD>
-<TD class="confluenceTd"> &quot;&quot; </TD>
-<TD class="confluenceTd"> username used for the masterConnector</TD>
-<TD class="confluenceTd">password</TD>
-<TD class="confluenceTd"> &quot;&quot; </TD>
-<TD class="confluenceTd"> password used for the masterConnector</TD>
+<H3><A name="MasterSlave-ConfiguringtheauthenticationoftheSlave"></A>Configuring
the authentication of the Slave</H3>
+<P>In ActiveMQ 4.1 or later you can use a <B>&lt;masterConnector/&gt;</B>
element as an aternative XML configuration mechanism as shown in the following <SPAN class="nobr"><A
title="Visit page outside Confluence" rel="nofollow">example<SUP><IMG class="rendericon"
src="" height="0" width="0" align="absmiddle"
alt="" border="0"></SUP></A></SPAN> to configure the user and password
that the slave will use to connect to the master</P>
+<DIV class="code"><DIV class="codeContent">
+<PRE class="code-xml"><SPAN class="code-tag">&lt;broker brokerName=<SPAN
class="code-quote">&quot;slave&quot;</SPAN> persistent=<SPAN class="code-quote">&quot;false&quot;</SPAN>
useJmx=<SPAN class="code-quote">&quot;false&quot;</SPAN>  deleteAllMessagesOnStartup=<SPAN
class="code-quote">&quot;true&quot;</SPAN>  xmlns=<SPAN class="code-quote">&quot;;</SPAN>&gt;</SPAN>
+  <SPAN class="code-tag">&lt;transportConnectors&gt;</SPAN>
+    <SPAN class="code-tag">&lt;transportConnector uri=<SPAN class="code-quote">&quot;tcp://localhost:62002&quot;</SPAN>/&gt;</SPAN>
+  <SPAN class="code-tag">&lt;/transportConnectors&gt;</SPAN>
+  <SPAN class="code-tag">&lt;services&gt;</SPAN>
+    <SPAN class="code-tag">&lt;masterConnector remoteURI= <SPAN class="code-quote">&quot;tcp://localhost:62001&quot;</SPAN>
userName=<SPAN class="code-quote">&quot;James&quot;</SPAN> password=<SPAN
+  <SPAN class="code-tag">&lt;/services&gt;</SPAN>
+  <SPAN class="code-tag">&lt;persistenceAdapter&gt;</SPAN>
+    <SPAN class="code-tag">&lt;kahaPersistenceAdapter dir = <SPAN class="code-quote">&quot;${basedir}/target/activemq-data/slave&quot;</SPAN>/&gt;</SPAN>
+  <SPAN class="code-tag">&lt;/persistenceAdapter&gt;</SPAN>
+<SPAN class="code-tag">&lt;/broker&gt;</SPAN></PRE>
           <div class="tabletitle">
@@ -404,8 +415,8 @@
     <DIV id="site-footer">
           Added by     <A href="">Rob
-    last edited by     <A href="">James
Strachan</A> on Jul 25, 2006
-                  &nbsp;(<A href="">view
+    last edited by     <A href="">James
Strachan</A> on Aug 18, 2006
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