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Subject svn commit: r409417 - /incubator/activemq/site/example-testing-scenario.html
Date Thu, 25 May 2006 17:19:04 GMT
Author: jstrachan
Date: Thu May 25 10:19:02 2006
New Revision: 409417

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Modified: incubator/activemq/site/example-testing-scenario.html
--- incubator/activemq/site/example-testing-scenario.html (original)
+++ incubator/activemq/site/example-testing-scenario.html Thu May 25 10:19:02 2006
@@ -245,11 +245,15 @@
 <P>Assuming that all the test code is within a single Maven POM for now (e.g. activemq-integration-test
version 4.0) which will deal with all the classpath issues.</P>
-<H3><A name="ExampleTestingScenario-Realsimpleversion"></A>Real simple
+<P>We&apos;ll try describe the different ways this could work and give each implementation
style a name so we can start revving different ways to solve this...</P>
-<P>Here the build knows what to do; each test case generates an XML file which becomes
a named deployment artifact.</P>
+<H3><A name="ExampleTestingScenario-Headlessbuild"></A>Headless build</H3>
-<P>We use the following boxes...</P>
+<P>In this version there is no &apos;controller&apos;; each build is considered
to be a totally separate build.</P>
+<P>Each build knows what to do; each test case generates an XML file which becomes
a named deployment artifact.</P>
+<P>e.g. imagine the following builds (which are really just running Java executables
within a POM for classpath)</P>
 <TABLE class="confluenceTable"><TBODY>
@@ -274,12 +278,14 @@
+<P>In the above example - each build has to kinda wait for other things to start up
to some time period. e.g. the producer and consumer wanna keep around for say 5 minutes trying
to connect to the broker as they can be started in any order.</P>
-<H3><A name="ExampleTestingScenario-Controllerversion"></A>Controller version</H3>
+<H3><A name="ExampleTestingScenario-Controllerbuild"></A>Controller build</H3>
-<P>Here the build is a master controller which spins off separate processes in a workflow</P>
+<P>The idea with the controller version is one of the tests (which is spun off first
to try help) tries to coordinate among the test nodes.</P>
-<P>We use the following boxes...</P>
+<P>e.g. we could spin the controller first...</P>
 <TABLE class="confluenceTable"><TBODY>
@@ -318,7 +324,12 @@
 <TD class="confluenceTd">java org.apache.activemq.test.ProducerMain --message-count=5000
--queue=true tcp://$hostA:61616</TD>
+<H3><A name="ExampleTestingScenario-Controllerfactorybuild"></A>Controller
factory build</H3>
+<P>Fairly soon we&apos;re gonna have tons of builds firing off. We may want a single
project to build with a raft of different test suites. Each single distributed integration/system/performance
test might have many sub-builds (processes) to run.</P>
+<P>So we might want to run a single JUnit test case </P></DIV>
@@ -329,7 +340,7 @@
     <DIV id="site-footer">
           Added by     <A href="">James
     last edited by     <A href="">James
Strachan</A> on May 25, 2006
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