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Subject svn commit: r374429 - /incubator/activemq/site/index.html
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 16:28:02 GMT
Author: jstrachan
Date: Thu Feb  2 08:27:59 2006
New Revision: 374429

Latest HTML dump from the confluence wiki created by wikimesh; see the confluence log for
a detailed changelog


Modified: incubator/activemq/site/index.html
--- incubator/activemq/site/index.html (original)
+++ incubator/activemq/site/index.html Thu Feb  2 08:27:59 2006
@@ -1,14 +1,298 @@
-<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
-<html><head><meta content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" http-equiv="content-type"><title>Apache
-<h1>Apache ActiveMQ</h1>
-Welcome to Apache ActiveMQ which is currently being <a href="">incubated</a>
at <a href="">Apache</a>.<br>
-Apache ActiveMQ is a robust and high performance Message Orientated
-Middleware provider which will be integrated into Apache Geronimo but
-also be usable from inside any JVM.<br>
-We have not yet setup the website documentation; for now please see <a href=""></a><br>
\ No newline at end of file
+<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
+  <head>
+    <link rel="stylesheet" href="site.css" type="text/css">
+    <title>ActiveMQ - Home</title>
+  </head>
+  <body>
+    <table width="100%" id="layout" style="padding:0px;margin0px;border-collapse:collapse;">
+      <tr>
+        <td colspan="3" style="padding:8px;">
+          <table width="100%" id="banner" style="padding:0px;margin:0px">
+            <tr id="header_row">
+              <td align="left" valign="middle" style="padding:0px;margin:0px;">
+                <span id="Content"><span><span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow"><img align="absmiddle" border=0 src="images/logo.gif"></a></span></span></span>
+              </td>
+            </tr>
+          </table>
+        </td>
+      </tr>
+      <tr>
+        <td colspan="3" id="breadcrumbs">
+          <table width="100%" id="banner" style="padding:0px;margin:0px">
+            <tr>
+              <td align="left">
+                <a href="">Home</a> 
+              </td>
+              <td align="right">
+                  <span id="Content"><span><a href="Download" title="Download">Download</a>
| <span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">JavaDocs
for 4.x</a></span> <span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow">3.x</a></span> | <a href="Source" title="Source">Source</a>
| <span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow">Wiki</a></span> |<span class="nobr"><a href="irc://"
rel="nofollow">IRC</a></span> | <span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow">IRC Log</a></span> | <a href="Mailing+Lists" title="Mailing
Lists">Mailing Lists</a> | <span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow">Discussion Forum</a></span> | <span class="nobr"><a
href="" rel="nofollow">Support
+              </td>
+            </tr>
+          </table>
+        </td>
+      </tr>
+      <tr>
+        <td id="leftColumn" valign="top" style="padding-top: 0px;">
+          <span id="Content"><h3><a name="Navigation-Overview"></a>Overview</h3>
+  <ul class="alternate" type="square">
+    <li><a href="Home" title="Home">Home</a></li>
+    <li><a href="News" title="News">News</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Changes+in+4.0" title="Changes in 4.0">New in 4.0</a></li>
+    <li><a href="FAQ" title="FAQ">FAQ</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Articles" title="Articles">Articles</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Download" title="Download">Download</a></li>
+  </ul>
+  <h3><a name="Navigation-Community"></a>Community</h3>
+  <ul class="alternate" type="square">
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow">Discussion Forum</a></span></li>
+    <li><a href="Mailing+Lists" title="Mailing Lists">Mailing Lists</a></li>
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow">News Reader</a></span></li>
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href=""
+    <li><a href="Projects+Using+ActiveMQ" title="Projects Using ActiveMQ">Projects
Using ActiveMQ</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Users" title="Users">Users</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Contributing" title="Contributing">Contributing</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Team" title="Team">Team</a></li>
+  </ul>
+  <h3><a name="Navigation-UsingActiveMQ"></a>Using ActiveMQ</h3>
+  <ul class="alternate" type="square">
+    <li><a href="Getting+Started" title="Getting Started">Getting Started</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Installation" title="Installation">Installation</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Building" title="Building">Building</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Run+Broker" title="Run Broker">Running a Broker</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Examples" title="Examples">Examples</a></li>
+    <li><a href="How+can+I+monitor+ActiveMQ" title="How can I monitor ActiveMQ">Monitoring
the Broker</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Xml+Configuration" title="Xml Configuration">Xml Configuration</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Xml+Reference" title="Xml Reference">Xml Reference</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Use+Cases" title="Use Cases">Use Cases</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Topologies" title="Topologies">Topologies</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Configuring+Transports" title="Configuring Transports">Configuring
+    <li><a href="How+do+I+embed+a+Broker+inside+a+Connection" title="How do I embed
a Broker inside a Connection">Embedded Brokers</a></li>
+    <li><a href="JMeter+Performance+Tests" title="JMeter Performance Tests">Performance
+    <li><a href="Web+Samples" title="Web Samples">Web Samples</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Hello+World" title="Hello World">Hello World</a></li>
+  </ul>
+  <h3><a name="Navigation-Features"></a>Features</h3>
+  <ul class="alternate" type="square">
+    <li><a href="JMX" title="JMX">JMX</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Performance" title="Performance">Performance</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Protocols" title="Protocols">Protocols</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Persistence" title="Persistence">Persistence</a></li>
+    <li><a href="JDBC+Support" title="JDBC Support">JDBC Support</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Clustering" title="Clustering">Clustering</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Discovery" title="Discovery">Discovery</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Networks+of+Brokers" title="Networks of Brokers">Networks of
+    <li><a href="Composite+Destinations" title="Composite Destinations">Composite
+    <li><a href="JMS+Streams" title="JMS Streams">JMS Streams</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Advisory+Message" title="Advisory Message">Advisory Message</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Resource+Adapter" title="Resource Adapter">JCA 1.5 Resource
+  </ul>
+  <h3><a name="Navigation-Connectivitiy"></a>Connectivitiy</h3>
+  <ul class="alternate" type="square">
+    <li><a href="Ajax" title="Ajax">Ajax</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Axis+Support" title="Axis Support">Axis Support</a></li>
+    <li><a href="C+Integration" title="C Integration">C Integration</a></li>
+    <li><a href="dot+Net" title="dot Net">.Net Integration</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Geronimo" title="Geronimo">Geronimo</a></li>
+    <li><a href="J2EE" title="J2EE">J2EE</a></li>
+    <li><a href="JBoss+Integration" title="JBoss Integration">JBoss Integration</a></li>
+    <li><a href="JNDI+Support" title="JNDI Support">JNDI Support</a></li>
+    <li><a href="OpenWire" title="OpenWire">OpenWire</a></li>
+    <li><a href="REST" title="REST">REST</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Spring+Support" title="Spring Support">Spring Support</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Stomp" title="Stomp">Stomp</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Tomcat" title="Tomcat">Tomcat</a></li>
+    <li><a href="WSIF" title="WSIF">WSIF</a></li>
+  </ul>
+  <h3><a name="Navigation-Utilities"></a>Utilities</h3>
+  <ul class="alternate" type="square">
+    <li><a href="JCA+Container" title="JCA Container">JCA Container</a></li>
+  </ul>
+  <h3><a name="Navigation-ExternalTools"></a>External Tools</h3>
+  <ul class="alternate" type="square">
+    <li><a href="Hermes+Jms" title="Hermes Jms">Hermes Jms</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Sun+JNDI" title="Sun JNDI">Sun JNDI</a></li>
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">JMeter</a></span></li>
+  </ul>
+  <h3><a name="Navigation-RelatedProjects"></a>Related Projects</h3>
+  <ul class="alternate" type="square">
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">ServiceMix</a></span></li>
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">Lingo</a></span></li>
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">Jencks</a></span></li>
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">Stomp</a></span></li>
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">ActiveCluster</a></span></li>
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">ActiveSpace</a></span></li>
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">ActiveSOAP</a></span></li>
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">Spring</a></span></li>
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">Geronimo</a></span></li>
+  </ul>
+  <h3><a name="Navigation-Support"></a>Support</h3>
+  <ul class="alternate" type="square">
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href=""
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href=""
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow">Change log</a></span></li>
+  </ul>
+  <h3><a name="Navigation-Developers"></a>Developers</h3>
+  <ul class="alternate" type="square">
+    <li><a href="Source" title="Source">Source</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Code+Overview" title="Code Overview">Code Overview</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Wire+Protocol" title="Wire Protocol">Wire Protocol</a></li>
+    <li><a href="ActiveMQ+4.0" title="ActiveMQ 4.0">ActiveMQ 4.0</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Becoming+a+committer" title="Becoming a committer">Becoming
a committer</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Integration+Tests" title="Integration Tests">Integration Tests</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Benchmark+Tests" title="Benchmark Tests">Benchmark Tests</a></li>
+    <li><a href="JMeter+Performance+Tests" title="JMeter Performance Tests">JMeter
Performance Tests</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Release+Guide" title="Release Guide">Release Guide</a></li>
+    <li><a href="JUnit+Reports" title="JUnit Reports">JUnit Reports</a></li>
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow">Clover Report</a></span></li>
+    <li><a href="Source+XRef" title="Source XRef">Source XRef</a></li>
+    <li><a href="Test+Source+XRef" title="Test Source XRef">Test Source XRef</a></li>
+    <li><span class="nobr"><a href=""
+  </ul>
+  <h3><a name="Navigation-Toolsweuse"></a>Tools we use</h3><span><span
class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow"><img align="absmiddle"
border=0 src="/download/attachments/23786/yourkit.jpg"></a></span></span></span>
+            <h3 class="heading3">Feeds</h3>
+            <table border="0" cellspacing="4px">
+            <tr>
+              <td align="right">
+                <a href=""><img
src="" border="0"></a><br/>
+              </td>
+              <td align="left">
+                <a href="">Site</a>
+              </td>
+            </tr>
+            <tr>
+              <td align="right">
+                <a href=""><img
src="" border="0"></a>
+              </td>
+              <td align="left">
+                <a href="">News</a>
+              </td>
+            </tr>
+            </table>
+        </td>
+        <td id="rightColumn" valign="top">
+          <div id="page_title">
+            <table width="100%">
+              <tr>
+                <td>
+            Home 
+                </td>
+                <td align="right">
+                </td>
+              </tr>
+            </table>
+          </div>
+          <div>
+  <div id="Content">
+    <p>ActiveMQ is a fast open source <span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow">JMS 1.1</a></span> provider and Message Fabric supporting clustering,
peer networks, discovery, TCP, SSL, multicast, persistence, XA and integrates seamlessly into
J2EE 1.4 containers, light weight containers and any Java application. ActiveMQ is released
under the <span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">Apache</a></span>
<span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">2.0
+    <p><span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow"><img align="absmiddle" border=0 src=""></a></span></p>
+    <h3><a name="Home-Features"></a>Features</h3>
+    <ul>
+      <li>fully supports JMS 1.1 and J2EE 1.4</li>
+      <li>includes <a href="Resource+Adapter" title="Resource Adapter">JCA 1.5
resource adaptors</a> for inbound &amp; outbound messaging so that ActiveMQ should
auto-deploy in any J2EE 1.4 compliant server</li>
+      <li>tested inside Geronimo, Spring and JBoss 4</li>
+      <li>support for transient, persistent, transactional and XA messaging</li>
+      <li>supports pluggable <a href="Protocols" title="Protocols">transport
protocols</a> such as <a href="How+do+I+use+ActiveMQ+using+in+JVM+messaging" title="How
do I use ActiveMQ using in JVM messaging">in-VM</a>, TCP, SSL, NIO, UDP, multicast,
JGroups and JXTA transports</li>
+      <li>supports very fast <a href="Persistence" title="Persistence">persistence</a>
using JDBC along with a high performance journal</li>
+      <li>designed for high performance clustering, client-server, peer based communication</li>
+      <li><a href="REST" title="REST">REST</a> API to provide technology
agnostic and language neutral web based API to messaging</li>
+      <li><a href="Ajax" title="Ajax">Ajax</a> to support web streaming
support to web browsers using pure DHTML, allowing web browsers to be part of the messaging
+      <li><a href="Axis+Support" title="Axis Support">Axis Support</a>
so that ActiveMQ can be easily dropped into <span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow">Apache Axis</a></span> runtimes to provide reliable messaging</li>
+      <li><a href="Spring+Support" title="Spring Support">Spring Support</a>
so that ActiveMQ can be easily embedded into Spring applications and configured using Spring's
XML configuration mechanism</li>
+      <li>can be used as an in memory JMS provider, ideal for unit testing</li>
+      <li><a href="Stomp" title="Stomp">Stomp</a> support so that clients
can be written easily in C, Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP to talk to ActiveMQ</li>
+      <li><a href="Wildcard" title="Wildcard">Wildcard</a> support to subscribe
to powerful destination hierarchies.</li>
+      <li><a href="Composite+Destinations" title="Composite Destinations">Composite
Destinations</a> support to allow many destinations to be used in one simple atomic
JMS operation</li>
+      <li>JSR 77 / 88 support for easy deployment &amp; management &amp; hot
+      <li>provides an implementation of <span class="nobr"><a href=""
+    </ul>
+    <h3><a name="Home-News"></a>News</h3>
+    <p class="paragraph">
+      <div class="greybox"> <span>Friday, December 9, 2005</span></div>
+      <div class="blogpost" style="margin-bottom: 30px">
+        <div class="blogHeading" style="margin-top: 0px; padding-top: 0px"><a href=""
style="text-decoration: none; color: black">ActiveMQ 4.x codebase has moved to Apache</a></div>
+        <div class="pagesubheading">
+        </div>
+        <div class="wiki-content">
+          <p>You can surf it at <span class="nobr"><a href=""
+          <p>For more details see <a href="Source" title="Source">Source</a>.</p>
+        </div>
+      </div>
+      <div class="greybox"> <span>Wednesday, November 23, 2005</span></div>
+      <div class="blogpost" style="margin-bottom: 30px">
+        <div class="blogHeading" style="margin-top: 0px; padding-top: 0px"><a href=""
style="text-decoration: none; color: black">New discussion forum available</a></div>
+        <div class="pagesubheading"> Last changed: Nov 23, 2005 06:04 by <a href="display/~jstrachan">James
+        <div class="wiki-content">
+          <p>Various users don't like joining busy email lists - we all get enough
email as it is <img align="absmiddle" alt="" border=0 class="emoticon" height=20 src="/images/icons/emoticons/smile.gif"
width=20> - so we've setup a <span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow">discussion forum</a></span> you can use as an alternative to
the mail lists. Enjoy!</p>
+        </div>
+      </div>
+      <div class="greybox"> <span>Wednesday, November 9, 2005</span></div>
+      <div class="blogpost" style="margin-bottom: 30px">
+        <div class="blogHeading" style="margin-top: 0px; padding-top: 0px"><a href=""
style="text-decoration: none; color: black">New features in 4.0, Exclusive Consumers and
Message Groups</a></div>
+        <div class="pagesubheading">
+        </div>
+        <div class="wiki-content">
+          <p>We've documented some of the new features coming along in <a href="Changes+in+4.0"
title="Changes in 4.0">the 4.x branch of ActiveMQ</a>. In particular the things I'm
particularly happy about are</p>
+          <ul>
+            <li><a href="Exclusive+Consumer" title="Exclusive Consumer">Exclusive
+            <li><a href="Message+Groups" title="Message Groups">Message Groups</a></li>
+          </ul>
+          <p>I really love <a href="Message+Groups" title="Message Groups">Message
Groups</a>, they totally rock! <img align="absmiddle" alt="" border=0 class="emoticon"
height=20 src="/images/icons/emoticons/smile.gif" width=20> Its well worth reading the
overview of what they are and how they can be useful making a partitioned high performance
grid style distributed system with ordering or fast caching etc.</p>
+        </div>
+      </div>
+      <div class="greybox"> <span>Wednesday, October 26, 2005</span></div>
+      <div class="blogpost" style="margin-bottom: 30px">
+        <div class="blogHeading" style="margin-top: 0px; padding-top: 0px"><a href=""
style="text-decoration: none; color: black">ActiveMQ 3.2 released with Stomp 1.0 and improved
+        <div class="pagesubheading"> Last changed: Oct 26, 2005 03:54 by <a href="display/~jstrachan">James
+        <div class="wiki-content">
+          <p>This new release includes the following</p>
+          <ul>
+            <li>Improved <span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow">Stomp</a></span> 1.0 support to make it easy to create cross
language clients such as for C, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl and Pike.</li>
+            <li>Ajax support now uses OpenRico as the default Ajax library</li>
+            <li>the Resource Adaptor now supports batching</li>
+            <li>demand based store and forward in networks</li>
+            <li>support for Informix JDBC</li>
+            <li>updated DTD for the latest Spring</li>
+            <li>various performance enhancements and bug fixes</li>
+          </ul>
+          <p>For more details please see the <a href="ActiveMQ+3.2+Release" title="ActiveMQ
3.2 Release">Release Notes</a></p>
+        </div>
+      </div>
+      <div class="greybox"> <span>Tuesday, October 11, 2005</span></div>
+      <div class="blogpost" style="margin-bottom: 30px">
+        <div class="blogHeading" style="margin-top: 0px; padding-top: 0px"><a href=""
style="text-decoration: none; color: black">ActiveMQ adds XBean support for custom Spring
XML processing</a></div>
+        <div class="pagesubheading">
+        </div>
+        <div class="wiki-content">
+          <p>Craig has a <span class="nobr"><a href=""
rel="nofollow">great post</a></span> which describes how XBean can really help
provide a <span class="nobr"><a href="http://xbean" rel="nofollow" title="Visit page outside Confluence">customized
XML language</a></span> with Spring XML configuration extensibility. We're really
happy with it so far and have moved away from XSLT and custom DOM processing to the simpler
XBean model in ActiveMQ and <span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">Jencks</a></span>
with <span class="nobr"><a href="" rel="nofollow">ServiceMix</a></span>
to follow suit real soon now.</p>
+          <p>Whats cool is we've just about got a working XBean Ant task to auto-generate
the configuration, the XSD and HTML documentaiton now. e.g. here's the <span class="nobr"><a
href="" rel="nofollow">current</a></span>
ServiceMix generated documentation.</p>
+        </div>
+      </div>
+      <hr>
+    </p>
+    <p><a href="News" title="News">More News</a></p>
+  </div>
+          &nbsp;
+        </td>
+      </tr>
+      <tr>
+        <td colspan="3" id="footer">
+          <table width="100%"> 
+            <tr>
+              <td align="left" valign="top">
+              </td>
+              <td align="right" valign="top">
+          <a style="color:#999;" href="">[
edit ]</a>
+              </td>
+            </tr>
+          <table>
+        </td>
+      </tr>
+    </table>
+  </body>

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