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From Jan Willem Janssen <>
Subject Re: Setting up development env.
Date Sun, 19 Jun 2016 14:20:55 GMT

> On 19 Jun 2016, at 11:05, Jorge Martín Cuervo <> wrote:
> I am trying to compile ACE from source to try some changes in the target
> bundle, but I am experimenting issues.
> I was able to get the code from SVN, import into eclipse, set up the
> projects and update the osgi workspace,
> First, I am using the source from trunk, and I had to configure Java 8 for
> some bundles, and:
> - agent is not compiling because bundles range and feedback are missing
> - range is not compiling because "is missing required Java project: 'ace'"
> (see screenshot below)
> As some bundles are ok (like console logger) I have the feeling the issue
> is because the "Bnd Bundle Path" is including the project/folder /ace by
> mistake, but I have no idea how to continue.
> I would appreciate any comment on that subject.
> Many thanks to all!

I think I know what is causing this: did you perhaps check out the SVN repository using the
``Checkout Projects from SVN’’ option in Eclipse? And after this it probably created the,
`ace’ project from which the other projects are imported? If this is the case, then the
easiest fix would be to:

1. remove the `ace’ project from your workspace;
2. open up the Bndtools perspective (Window -> Open Perspective -> Bndtools…);
3. use “refresh all repositories” from the Bndtools menu.

This would cause all projects to resolve using the right dependencies.

Does this solve your issue?

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