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From Cristiano Gavião <>
Subject Re: Ace artifacts on maven central ?
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2015 14:46:09 GMT
Hi again,

I was able to download the binary distribution from here:

but I was not able to find the deployment agent bundle. where it is ? 
The target.jar was not recognized as a osgi bundle...

one doubt, suppose that I have some *.dp archives (as defined by the 
spec) in a local directory. it is possible to start up the container 
with the deployment agent installed and started and pass that location 
as system/app argument at command line?



On 10-12-2015 10:10, Marcel Offermans wrote:
> Hello Cristiano,
> On 10 December 2015 at 14:01:01, Cristiano Gavião ( wrote:
> I read somewhere that Apache Ace follows the OSGi Deployment Admin spec,
> so we decided to try it.
> That is correct.
> We are using Equinox and p2 as its repository in our environment and
> building our bundles with tycho and maven-bundle-plugin.
> Ok.
> So in order to have the deployment agent installed in our p2 we need to
> have the required artifacts at least in a maven repository.
> The agent consists of only a single bundle.
> But in the maven central the latest apache ace artifacts is in version
> 0.8.1 and was delivered in 2011 !
> Yes. During that time we were still using Maven to build ACE, but we have since moved
on to using Bndtools and an Ant based build that is automatically generated by Bndtools. That
means we have also changed the way we do releases. Our source and binary convenience releases
are stored in the official Apache release repository. We are not doing any convenience releases
at the moment towards any other repositories.
> Is Apache ace not being delivered to maven central anymore ? why?
> We have been considering this, generating the Maven metadata from our build and using
that to publish those artifacts but that process is not done yet. If you want to help us with
it, please do.
> For now my advice would be to manually upload the single bundle with the agent to your
own Maven repository and use that in your builds.
> Greetings, Marcel

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