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From Jan Willem Janssen <>
Subject Re: Login before automation is started
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2015 14:19:37 GMT

> On 23 Oct 2015, at 14:46, Daan Veldhof <> wrote:
> I've configured ACE so I create the artifacts, features,
> artifact2features,distribution, feature2distribution and
> distribution2target (didn't fix the issue with filtering on 2 tags yet)
> through the REST API. I also added the org.apache.ace.client.automation
> bundle to autoregister and autoapprove all the targets. The weird part is,
> I have to get a workspace through the GoGo shell or the REST API before the
> automation is started. Is this normal behaviour?

No, this is normally not necessary. Do you need to do this once before the
automation process is doing its task? Or every time?

> Also when a target sends the second auditlog with it's tags the Ace server
> should deploy the right distribution, but it doesn't deploy anything. I
> have to log in to the web ui first, press store and retrieve and then it
> deploys. This doesn't seem normal to me.

No, this is not what I’d expect either. Have to replay this to get more
insights on why this goes wrong. At what interval is the automation bundle
doing its job? Isn’t that causing this behaviour (as in: shouldn’t you wait
a little longer?)

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