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From Marcel Offermans <>
Subject Re: guidance requested for new OSGi project
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2015 09:48:58 GMT
Hello Karl,

On 4 Feb 2015 at 14:46:02 , Karl Pietrzak ( wrote:

> We're working on an OSGi-based project here and it looks like ACE might be
> a good fit.
> One of the biggest / hardest requirements is dynamic configuration of
> targets. Allow me to elaborate:
> - we'll have dozens of OSGi containers running the ACE management agent

That is no problem.

> - some will pull data by reading local CSV files, others by querying
> a database, but all implement the same interface
> - each one may need a different set of dependencies
> - obviously, the ones that read CSV files will have different
> dependencies than the JDBC ones

So you can define different features (groups of bundles) for these and compose distributions
out of them, possibly a different one for each target.

> - different configurations, even if the same “type"

One of the standards we support is Auto Configuration, which allows you to provide an XML
file (metatype) containing the configuration for a target. You can even make a template if
most of it is the same for each target (and have target specific properties to fill out the

> - for example, different JDBC-based clients may run the same code but
> might be querying tables with slightly different names
> - different DB hostnames, passwords, etc.
> - we would like to be able to remotely configure these clients

These XML files can be provisioned along with the bundles.

> - e.g., looks like client A needs a different database password
> - e.g., looks like client B has the data in CSV files instead of the
> database; need to change dependencies

Yes, that is covered.

> - automatic upgrades

Yes, you can automatically upgrade as soon as you make a new version available on the ACE

> - e.g., if we release a new version of the JDBC code, everyone should
> get that

ACE will calculate what targets should receive such an update.

> I'm very new to OSGi and ACE (sorry for butchering the vocabulary), but
> what attracted us to this project is that it seems to fulfill many of these
> requirements already.

So far I tend to agree.

> What does ACE do, of that list, and what does it not do? Perhaps I'm
> barking up the wrong tree entirely and OSGi/ACE is not the right fit.

I hope that I gave you some insight, feel free to dive in and ask more detailed questions.

> P.S. We want to implement this as an open source project, either as an ACE
> add-on or extension, if it fits into ACE's goals.

We always welcome contributions, so if you end up implementing components that are useful
to other users of ACE, we would be happy to accept those and the people who contributed to

Greetings, Marcel

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