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From Bulu <>
Subject ACE: What ports to open to upload artifacts from BndTools?
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2015 15:58:41 GMT

I use the AceObrRepository 1.0.0 plugin to access my ACE repository from 

Lately, I can no longer upload artifacts through this way. The request 
takes long and eventually fails with error

Failed to install one or more bundles
   Failed to add JAR to repository: /path/to/my.jar
   Error importing resource: Unexpected server response: No data 
received from server or forwarder

Using the ACE web interface, I can still drag&drop artifacts and they 
get uploaded successfully.
The upload from BndTools used to work. I'm not sure what I changed, but 
possibly firewall settings.

The config line of the repository plugin is:
org.apache.ace.bnd.repository.AceObrRepository; name=my.test; 

Reading from the repository seems to work fine.

What could cause the manual upload to work, while the plugin fails? How 
can I debug this?
In the config above, does everything work over port 9090? TCP only?

Thanks & regards Philipp

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