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From Marcel Offermans <>
Subject Re: ACE 2.0.1 web UI not showing associations after drag?
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2014 21:20:08 GMT
Hello Guy,

On 05 Jun 2014, at 23:07 pm, Guy Davis <> wrote:

> I've been following the Getting Started guide and have had trouble getting the expected
behavior from the web UI.  In particular, I can drag an artifact to a feature, then that to
the distribution, etc but I'm not seeing the same node expansion showing mappings after the

After dragging, you should probably click on either side of the association again to show
the highlighting.

> Following through the workflow I can push the HelloWorldBundle out to the target and
see it's start() get called.  However, I think perhaps my browser is not supported by the
web UI as I was expecting more visual feedback of the mappings.  I'm using Chrome 35.0.1916.114
m and also MS IE 10.0.9200...

I don't think we test much on IE 10, but we definitely do test Chrome. I use that on my development
machine, so I can confirm that it should work. The links are working, I am hoping that clicking
on the nodes again like I suggested above helps.

If not, please go to the console where you started ACE, and use the "log" shell command to
display the log messages. There might be something in there that gives you a clue. If that
does not work, we could also open a debug log in the browser and see if there are any errors
on that side. Are you familiar with the browser console? Or it could be we get more information
from Vaadin by enabling debugging. Again, have you ever done this?

> As context, I'm evaluating using Apache ACE as a means of modular component deployment
at customer sites where they are running  JBoss application server(s).  I'd like to integrate
the ACE server into our current admin console app on the master JBoss server.  Each cluster
node would have an embedded instance of the ACE (client/target), polling for updates.  Each
customer site would be either internal VMs or cloud systems.

That should work. Are you planning to write your own UI to embed in the admin console app
of the master JBoss server?

> The bundles would simply consist of files destined to be deployed into the appropriate
JBoss folders along with execution of custom upgrade logic (Java, Ant, etc).

A custom resource processor could do that for you.

> Back on our corporate network, we'd have a OBR repository configured with versions of
all our deployable apps and components.  The ACE servers out at customer sites would pull
down from this central repository.

That makes sense.

> Something like this:

For some reason your images did not arrive here in one piece. :(

> The plugin model of pulling from a single Update Center is similar to functionality built
into apps like Sonar and Jenkins.  I'd appreciate any feedback on this idea.  Is Apache ACE
a reasonable fit here?

It is. I would advise you to take a look at:

That explains how to write a resource processor that you can use to deploy the apps/components
in the right folder of your appserver.

Greetings, Marcel

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