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From Sibla Wilfried <>
Subject AW: AW: Preparing for a new release...
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2014 08:54:09 GMT
Hi Jan

Thanks a lot for your fast reply.
Yes, that would solve my problem. Shame on me. I already saw this FrameworkUtil, but forgot
about it. Event that's exactly what I would need for my usecase.

I would appreciate your recommendation on the following question:
In my CustomController, managing the OSGi application bundles is only one part of its functionality.
The other is interacting with these application bundles. One of them is responsible for delegating
installation/update requests to the OS.
Currently I implemented my CustomController in a certain bundle without any other dependencies
and I'm embedding the ACE agent.
I my Bundle Activator I'm instanciating, starting and stopping the ACE agent Activator and
disabled the DefaultController by forwarding the corresponding system property agent.controller.disabled
= true to the ConfigurationHandler.
This means that my CustomControll was the master and controlled the ACE agent.
With your new approach in configuring a "agent.controller.class", the ACE agent would controll
(or at least instatiate, start and stop) my Custom Controller.

This worked for my usecase, or at least I got it working after some fixing loops ;-)

Currently I'm not sure which solution I would favorize.
Starting my Activator and controlling the ACE Agent, or starting the ACE Agent Activator and
beeing controlled by him.
While writing these lines and thinking a little bit more about this, I think I'l favorize
a combination of both.
Starting my Activator and instantiating and starting/stopping the ACE Agent Activator subsequently.
Also configuring the agent.controller.class and publishing that service as an OSGi service
and controlling it from my Application (as stated above, a little bit more than just a CustomController
in term of ACE).

Thx & Greetings

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> Betreff: Re: AW: Preparing for a new release...
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> Hi Wilfried,
> On 13/04/14 00:04, Sibla Wilfried wrote:
> > As recommended by Jan a default control should be implemented by as a
> > class implementing the AgentContextAware and the Runnable interface
> > and configuring it by setting the corresponding property (something
> > like agent.controler...class).
> >
> > In a test this works fine and it looks like a very simple and flexible
> > way to do this. But I need some more additional OSGi service within my
> > custom controller. And that's currently my problem. Following Jan's
> > recommendation such a AgentContextAware implementation is instantiated
> > by the ACE agent and the methods init, start and stop are called. And,
> > if Runnable is implemented, the custom controller is started as a
> > separate thread. But in this custom controller I have no change to
> > lookup for some OSGi services I need.
> >
> > Can you give me a hint how I could solve this? I don't have access to
> > the BundleContext to lookup for the required services and to register
> > others.
> If you take a look at CustomContextAwareController in
> org.apache.ace.agent.itest.CustomAgentControllerTest, you see just how to do
> that: there the FrameworkUtil is used to obtain the bundle (and thus the
> bundle context) for a given class.
> Does this give you enough information to proceed with your refactoring?
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