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From Daniel McGreal <>
Subject Re: Questions on ACE
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2014 07:15:09 GMT
Just a quick note to say that we also would like this functionality.

On 24 Apr 2014, at 07:57, Philipp Buluschek <> wrote:

> Dear all
> Initiated with my question on SO (, I have
tried the ACE demo and have found it very good. I would like to clarify whether the following
things are possible with it, and if not whether you think that a modification of the sources
could (easily) be done to support that.
> My use case: I will have several hundred embedded systems running Felix which must be
kept up to date. I will probably have few (maybe 4) different "distributions" (ie. applications),
each on many of those systems. Here are my questions:
> Can I put targets (ie. the machines to be updated) into groups, so that I can easily
deploy a new version of a distribution to a large group of targets?
> Can I configure when the update takes place - ideally some time in the night (when the
users don't use the system) with a large jitter (so the server is not overloaded all at once).
> Can I configure locally (on the agent) whether it should update?
> Can I update the OSGI framework itself from ACE?
> Thanks & regards
>  Philipp

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