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From Damien Martin-Guillerez <>
Subject Updating Apache ACE Server or refreshing the bundle repository
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2014 11:20:18 GMT
Hello all,

After a disk quota excess, our ACE server started to behave weird: when a new target arrives
with only one bundle in the deployment list, the deployment fails with "[ERROR] 11:35:02 (deployment)
Stream does not contain a valid Jar / Unknown/unexpected status code:
500”. When looking at the server log, I get :
2014.03.05 12:14:03 WARNING - Bundle: org.apache.ace.deployment.servlet - 500:Could not deliver
package - org.apache.felix.log.LogException: org.apache.ace.deployment.servlet.AceRestException:
500:Could not deliver package
caused by a connection refused.

Before filing any bug reports, I’d like to do two things:
	1. try updating the ACE server to latest trunk version (I’m running trunk revision 1555357).
Anyway, the latest jenkins build is failed (#213
and I can’t figure out a way to simply update the server without crushing the bundle cache
of the server. Is latest trunk version safe to use? Is there’s a way to update without losing
the data?
	2. Try to refresh / reload data from the OBR. Is that possible? Or should the data always
be fresh? Or maybe there’s some file that might be broken but I cannot find it (the single
deployed bundle on the repository is correct).

Thanks for the help,
   — Damien Martin-Guillerez 
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