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From Marcel Offermans <>
Subject Re: How to keep ace performance consistent
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2014 19:10:39 GMT
Hello Bram,

On 11 Jan 2014, at 18:12 pm, Bram Pouwelse <> wrote:

> I've created a Jira issue [1] containing steps to reproduce the
> deploymentversionlimit.

Thanks, I'll look into that.

> I've also worked on a deployment script [2] to replace my current
> deployment process that uses the ContinousDeployer that comes with Ace.
> I've used one of the scripts you've shared earlier so thanks for sharing
> that made my life a lot easier ;). I've added some code to create the
> sourcerepo and features based on a bndrun file from a (bnd)tools project.
> I've tested this on my dev machine by running the script from the gogo
> shell in the ace client how can I start a gosh script without user
> interaction from my CI build environment?

Gogo has the notion of a "startup script" so what we do is simply put a script with the right
name in the right location and then startup the client. The script itself will stop the client
again as soon as it's done.

From the gogo project:

# default gosh_profile
# only read if etc/gosh_profile doesn't exist relative to the System property
# gosh.home or failing that the current directory.

# catch all exceptions from this script to avoid it aborting startup
try {

  # ensure gogo commands are found first
  SCOPE = gogo:*

  # add methods on BundleContext object as commands
  #addcommand context ${.context} (${.context} class)
  # bug: above invokes (String, Object, String) instead of (String, Object, Class)
  addcommand context ${.context}

  # add methods on System object as commands
  addcommand system (((${.context} bundles) 0) loadclass java.lang.System)

  # alias to print full stack trace
  e = { $exception printStackTrace }

  ## disable console auto-formatting of each result
  #  you will then need to explicitly use the 'format' command
  #  to print the result of commands that don't write to stdout.
  #.Gogo.format = false

  ## disable printing the formatted result of a command into pipelines
  #.Format.Pipe = false

  # set prompt
  prompt = 'g! '

  # print welcome message
  cat ($0 resolve motd)
} {
    echo "$0: ERROR: $exception"

# end

As you can see, just add a script to etc/gosh_profile and you're good to go. However, when
you do this, you will run into a small issue: the script will run as soon as the gogo bundles
start, which might be before the whole framework has been started (including other shell commands).

So, we added a small feature to ACE that allows you to launch a script:
* Set a system property called "ace.gogo.script" and point it to the script you want to run.
* Set a system property called "ace.gogo.script.delay" if the default startup delay of 300ms
does not work for you.

Then you don't need etc/gosh_profile anymore, but you do need the gogo commands that ACE provides.

Hope this helps!

Greetings, Marcel

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