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From Marco Westermann <>
Subject Re: ace setup
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2013 16:05:09 GMT
Hi Marcel,

thank you for your answer. Yes, I already watched that video and liked 
the way you are describing in the video. But as you said: there are 
still some questions. I will try to ask concrete questions where I have 

At the moment I think of the following scenario:

I setup an OBR like karaf OBR on my server and configure my bundles so 
they are pushed to the OBR.

That leads me to my first question: what do I have to do to setup ace 
that it uses repository on server xyz. Or in other words: where do I 
configure ace what repo to use.

If I'm right pushing to my remote OBR wouldn't be enough as I also have 
to provide ace with meta-informations about my bundle. So I would have 
to tell ace that there is a new artifact available ?! This may be done 
about a gogo shell script ?!

If until here everything would work I would have my bundles in ace so I 
can configure features, distributions and targets etc.

Then my next problem would be:

My OSGI bundles use other external bundles available in maven central ( 
my bundles use camel, activemq, cxf etc )

is it possible that ace can provide my target(s) with these bundles, too 
without manually adding the bundles to ace. ( maybe by proxying maven 
central with my own obr ?!)

And the last question for today:

I cannot find detailed instructions on how to tell ace where my targets 
are. I have some instances of karaf running on different servers. How 
would I configure that ace knows how to provide my karaf instance. I 
think I've read that I need to install an ace bundle to the target 
container but I cannot figure out what bundle I need and how to 
configure it.

best regards,


Am 19.12.2013 16:35, schrieb Marcel Offermans:
> Hello Marco,
> On 18 Dec 2013, at 14:03 , Marco Westermann <> wrote:
>> I think about using ace for automated deployment of my osgi bundles. First of all
let me say that its a great idea to have such a software platform like ace.
> Thanks for the kind words!
>> But nevertheless I have some problems in how to setup ace the "proper" way. At the
moment we use nexus and upload our bundles with mvn deploy. Furthermore we use features to
group our bundles. In karaf we use the features: commands to install the bundles from nexus.
> That sounds like a pretty common scenario.
>> At the moment I think of deploying the bundles to ace obr by jenkins but I cannot
find any information how I would do that. Also I miss informations in how I would deal with
snapshot / relase versions.
> Both good questions… and I admit that we can still improve our documentation, so keep
asking such questions!
> Deploying bundles to an OBR:
> Here you have different options. In your case, you’re already using Nexus, which can
act as an OBR itself. One option you have is to leverage that and use Nexus with ACE.
> Another option is to use a shell script, using the GoGo shell, to deploy bundles from
the CI build to an OBR. A colleague and me recently did a presentation on that at the latest
OSGi Community Event. You can find it on YouTube:
> That presentation also talks about dealing with snapshot and release versions, so I recommend
you take a look at it.
>> What I really would appreciate is a real world example in how to setup ace with all
participating stakeholder:
>> developer
>> CI-Server
>> testserver
>> productionserver.
> The video touches on some of these topics as well, but I can imagine there will be a
few questions left. There are also multiple ways of doing this, so again, keep asking here.
At our company, we use ACE pretty much in the way that is described in the video, and we develop
our OSGi applications using Bndtools and Eclipse. Test and production servers are all running
in the cloud.
> Greetings, Marcel

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