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From Sibla Wilfried <>
Subject Custom Agent Controller
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2013 10:39:07 GMT
Hi to all

I implemented a custom control similar to the integration test CustomAgentControllerTest from

Implementing a custom controller requires re-implementing certain functionality which is already
implanted within the DefaultController respectively within the other classes of the agent.

For example it's surely recommended to send the "Deployment Complete" and "Deployment Started"
events like the DefaultController does.
Even if I would copy the corresponding methods from the DefaultController to my CustomController,
I'm not able to get the ACE EventHandler and to send the events by calling the postEvent method.

Getting access to the AgentContext and the registered and already available Handlers would
also offer great set of feature/functionality.
For example the LoggingHandler or ConfigurationHandler etc.

Or is there access available, and I didn't found that??

A short feedback would be very welcome.


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