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From Ryan Moquin <>
Subject Re: [ANN] ACE version 1.0.0 released
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2013 01:37:04 GMT
No problem.  I love all the work that's being done around OSGI and
especially Karaf.  ACE looks very promising and I'd like to find a way to
fit it in.  It's not necessarily a gui thing, it's an "anything thing" to
try to find a way to tie karaf features and ACE together.  It almost makes
me think that the karaf plugin shoukd have an oprion to deploy to ace
somehow.  I've dug into that code like most of the rrast and make I could
try to hook something in, or maybe I could start a separate Maven plugin.
I've been on one of my obsessive major forking and "improving" of Apache
Cellar (not even sure how the last month has appeared to lead to 8K changes
tovthe origibal repo).  Hopefully I can wrap that up soon and then maybe
I'll dtart on a maven plugin or something if that nake sense?  I'm not
familiar with bndrun but I'll take a look at it.

Glad to see the 1.0.0 release materialize, I know it's hard work and it
seemed to went off the map for a little.  Glad it didn't.


On Jun 17, 2013 6:00 PM, "Marcel Offermans" <>

> Hello Ryan,
> Thanks for the kind words!
> The "manual process" you refer to is probably the Web UI. There have been
> many discussions about that. It seems everybody wants a different user
> interface to talk to ACE (interactively or programmatically). You know we
> also have a REST API nowadays that you can talk to. In fact, Bram and I
> have been toying around with some ideas for a "console/shell" based
> interface as well, as that is probably an easy way to automate deployments.
> To answer your question, I think it would be fairly easy to make a simply
> extension that imports Karaf features, or any other way of defining
> dependencies. I know that for a project I'm doing at my company, that uses
> ACE, we have written tools that take a "bndrun" file as the input to
> automate deployment. In short, I think we already provide quite a few hooks
> that would allow you to leverage that, and we would love to accept some
> patches in that area from people that use Karaf (or other systems).
> Greetings, Marcel
> On Jun 17, 2013, at 22:59 PM, Ryan Moquin <> wrote:
> > Awesome job guys.  I downloaded it and looked over the docs.  It looked
> > getting things into Ace is still a manual process and duplicates work
> done
> > with karaf features and things like that... is there a workflow that can
> be
> > used with ace that flows better with other ways of making sure
> dependencies
> > are handled and grouped?  Excited to tryout the new release and see of it
> > will help me figure out a good robust deployment strategy.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Ryan
> > On Jun 17, 2013 3:41 AM, "Marcel Offermans" <
> >
> > wrote:
> >
> >> The Apache ACE team is proud to announce the release of ACE version
> 1.0.0.
> >>
> >> This is the first top-level release after completely changing the way we
> >> build the project and fixing many things since the last incubator
> release.
> >> From now on, we intend to release a lot more often!
> >>
> >> This release is available from our download page at:
> >>

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