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From Bram de Kruijff <>
Subject RE: How to run ace server on an alternative port
Date Mon, 13 May 2013 19:48:44 GMT
note: faked reply.. seems I wasn't subscribed to users yet ;)

> Bram Pouwelse wrote:
> I'm using the new "server-allinone.jar" package from the trunk, is it
> possible to run on ace on an alternative port number? ( with the "old" dev
> server this configuration was possible in the file).
> I've tried updating the"org.apache.felix.http" properties which makes ace
> run on another port but I'm not able to login anymore.

the short story...

$ java -Dorg.apache.ace.server.port=9090
-Dorg.osgi.service.http.port=9090 -jar server-allinone.jar


$ jar xf server-allinone.jar
$ sed -i -e s/8080/9090/
$ java server-allinone.jar

the long story..

The binary distribution jars are create based on the bndrun
definition. In this case
run-server-allinone/run-server-allinone.bndrun. Bndpackage stores the
runproperties in this definition in a the file
These are used to launch the framework and can be overridden in one of
the ways shown above.

The sneaky thing is the 'org.apache.ace.server.port' which is used as
a system property throughout different config files and is not
configurable through CM. I guess this is convenience for development,
but this why you attempt to simply config the http port failed.

So maybe the most elegant thing to do is to use your approach
specifying a "org.apache.felix.http" where port is set to
"${org.apache.ace.server.port}" and then run "java
-Dorg.apache.ace.server.port=9090 -jar server-allinone.jar"

All in all I guess we could suply this out of the box.

Hope this helps,


> Thanks,
> Bram

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