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From Paul Bakker <>
Subject Re: Scripting support for Apache Ace.
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2012 20:27:42 GMT
If you checkout the sources, you will see the project org.apache.ace.managementagent, that's
the managementagent.
The devserver is the ace server itself, so that's what you startup. You can build it using
the build/bin-build.xml. Simply unzip the archieve that is created by this build, and start
the script. You can then access the web UI on http://[machinename]:8080/ace/.
You are right that there is work to be done on the docs... 


On Oct 23, 2012, at 22:16 , Vijay Reddy <>

> Paul - Thanks for quick turnaround.
> As you suggested, will try to build software from latest codebase.
> 1. Where can I find the management bundle jar?
> (org.apache.ace.managementagent.jar). Unfortunately I cant download the
> full dist from the below URL or any mirror sites. Can someone fix the URL?
> 2. Unforntunately I couldn't find much info on documentation pages. Whats
> the different between devserver, devgateway and full dist at download page (
> Thanks
> Vijay
> On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 3:13 PM, Paul Bakker <> wrote:
>> Hi Vijay,
>> 1) Yes it's ready for production. To give you an idea, we are running our
>> system on Amazon EC2 using ACE with ~200 bundles and ~20 servers.  We
>> provision software updates every few days to the production servers. This
>> works well.
>> Make sure to build a release from the latest sources however! Do not use
>> the current binary distribution in production, there are some nasty issues
>> in there.
>> 2) Not sure, but basically you just need the management agent bundle.
>> (org.apache.ace.managementagent.jar). This should work in Equinox as well.
>> 3) ACE has a REST api that you can use from scripts. You can do
>> everything, and a lot more, that you can do from the UI using the REST api.
>> We use this in production as well. Servers are started on demand and use
>> the REST api to register themselves as targets and start provisioning.
>> Documentation can be found here:
>> Cheers,
>> Paul
>> On Oct 23, 2012, at 20:19 , Vijay Reddy <>
>> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am evaluating Apache Ace (Incubator) as an option for provisioning
>> (install/updates) of OSGi bundles to couple of applications on our network.
>> So far was able to download the distributution and  from Ace WebUI,  I
>> could add bunch of artifacts/features/distributions and I
>> could start remote targets using ace-laucher and discover artifacts from
>> server onto the targets.  Everything looks good so far.
>> I have following questions.
>> 1)Is the software production ready at current status?
>> 2)I am planning to use equinox OSGi Impl. on my targets. How can I
>> integrate Ace management agent with equinox.
>> 3)We want to maange the software using scripts. Does ace support
>> scripting to manage artifacts/targets instead  of using Web Ui.
>> Thanks.

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