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From Marcel Offermans <>
Subject Re: About OBR and Apache ACE
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2012 14:56:50 GMT
Hello Christian,

On Sep 5, 2012, at 16:35 PM, <> wrote:

> I'm new to Apache ACE and I want to know whether it is possible to add own remote OBR
repositories to an Apache ACE server or not. I just want to add my developed bundles to the
> Could it be done or is there another/better process?

There are a couple of options you have.

First of all, let me explain that ACE itself stores just some metadata of an artifact, plus
a link to it. That link points to an OBR, and we ship an implementation of an OBR with ACE.
We actually embed that as part of the server, but it is also possible to deploy that on a
separate node.

On top of the OBR interface (which mainly states that you should have a repository.xml that
describes what's in the repository) we made a simple REST-ish API to add new artifacts. The
Web UI that comes with ACE uses that API to add new artifacts. There is also a REST client
API that you can use programmatically to talk to the ACE server, and that gives you more freedom
to directly specify a URL yourself (which could literally point to anywhere you want).

So, that leaves you with the following options:

1) Deploy the OBR that comes with ACE, either on the same node or somewhere else, and use
that. Incidentally, that OBR also supports you just adding files directly to the "store" folder
it uses. Those will automatically be indexed and added.

2) Use your own OBR, which means at the moment that the use of the Web UI is a bit more limited,
since that needs the REST API if you want to upload things yourself. If you don't care about
that, it should work if you configure ACE to use your OBR. I say *should* since ACE still
uses a fairly old specification of the OBR. We should upgrade to a newer one soon. :)

3) Put your artifacts somewhere you can reference with a URL and use the REST client API to
talk to ACE and add the metadata for the artifact(s).

Right now, we don't directly support multiple OBRs so if you want that, you pretty much need
to go with option 3.

I hope that helps a bit. Feel free to follow up!

Greetings, Marcel

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